Multi-Age Classroom

Multi-age grouping adds an exciting dimension to a child-focused classroom. The setting is more similar to the outside world where children interact with other children of mixed ages. Older children are models for younger children, opening their eyes to new ideas and ways of doing things. Younger children may try something more challenging with the example and assistance of an older peer.

For older children returning to the same classroom, there is a sense of pride that they are the “experts”. Confidence, independence, and a sense of responsibility enhance self-esteem so critical for successful learning. They rise to the occasion to help new children adjust. Separation issues are lessened as the new children see half the group happily engaged right from day one.

Teachers have more time to get acquainted with younger children since they already have a special ongoing relationship with those returning. It is wonderful when teacher and child can pick up where they left off the year before without another lengthy adjustment. Teachers thrill at watching a child change and develop over these two growth-filled years.