By watching children at play and listening carefully, we get a sense of their interests, issues, and needs. We then develop activities and experiences that they will enjoy and learn from. Our classroom reflects the children’s ideas – it truly becomes their school. This emergent curriculum means that every year will be different because every group is different. One year we had a luggage store which grew out of one family’s travel plans and ended up including building a train out of large blocks, the making and selling of tickets and maps, and exploring other parts of the world. Another time, a child was experimenting with the flow of water. A couple of other children came along and using ramps and tubes, they constructed a waterway that resulted in all the water emptying into a basin below. Through such play and hands-on manipulation of materials and ideas, preschoolers begin to grasp the concepts of literacy, numbers, and science important for later learning.

Block-building, dramatic play, music, movement, art, science, sand/waterplay, outdoor time, storytelling are all part of the fun. The bulk of our day is devoted to play. In this context, social skills are continuously addressed, worked on, and developed. We truly believe that the primary reason for children to come to preschool is to figure out how to be in the world.

Daily Schedule

9:00  Outdoor Time
Children start the day on the playground. By moving their bodies in fresh air and getting lots of energy out, children are better able to be calm and focused indoors.

10:00 Morning Meeting
Music, movement, storytelling and a chance to hear about the happenings of the day.

10:30 Snack
Hands are washed and a nutritious snack is served. A very chatty time!

10:45 Open Play
Children move around the classroom making choices and actively engaging with peers. Activities and materials are open-ended in nature allowing each child to have success at his/her developmental level.

11:45 Clean-Up and Quiet Reading
After everything is put away, children sit on mats in a circle and choose a book to read.

12:00 Good-bye Circle
We sing songs, talk about the morning and any upcoming news, and sing good-bye.

In addition to meeting four mornings a week, we offer an Extended Day until 2:30 on Tuesdays and a Lunch Bunch until 1:00 on Wednesdays.

Summer Program takes place Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00 – 1:00 from early June to mid-July.