Preschool is the first bridge to the bigger world.
Children learn and grow by doing and being with others. For many children, this is their
first group experience. Skills such as listening, waiting, sharing, and taking turns are important. Learning how to problem solve, negotiate, and express yourself while valuing the ideas
and feelings of others are essential building blocks of social and cognitive development.
Our classroom is designed to allow children the freedom to explore, create,
and discover at their own developmental level using open-ended materials and activities.

Children's needs are met in a nurturing environment where the uniqueness of each child is
respected and celebrated. Overall, our goals are for the children to enjoy school,
to feel good about themselves, and to learn how to be part of a group.

A small group
16 children and 2 teachers makes for a cozy environment,
Monday – Thursday from 9am – 12pm

Multi-age group
A naturalized setting where most children attend
for two years and a community of families develops

A focus on social development
Kindness, respect for others, and independence fostered

Curriculum based on children's needs and interests
Open-ended activities help each child feel successful
and attain necessary readiness skills

Home visits prior to the start of school
Set a nurturing and supportive tone —
the first step on the bridge

Teachers with decades of experience
...and a love of the job!

Parents are always welcome in the classroom